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Teeth Whitening Services in Montrose

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Teeth whitening has become incredibly popular, and remains one of our most-requested services here at AG Dental Studio. It is fairly common for teeth to become discolored, usually due to daily consumption of dark beverages, smoking, or as a side effect of certain medications. Luckily for patients, the dental industry has made incredible strides in creating effective teeth whitening technology. With our dental office, we work closely with you to customize a teeth whitening treatment option that is safe and delivers noticeable results.

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Choosing your treatment option will depend on the amount of time you want to spend whitening your teeth, as well as on the intensity of staining. If you merely have surface stains you wish to remove, at-home whitening kits may suffice. We offer professional-strength whitening strips for our patients, and we can also recommend a whitening toothpaste for this purpose as well. However, if you do not have several days (or weeks) to wait for your teeth to whiten, a one-hour, in-office appointment may be your best option. This fast treatment is one of our patients' favorites because it offers instantaneous and visible results.

Our in-office teeth whitening services include:

  • Whitening Trays
  • Lasers
  • Whitening gels
  • Zoom! Whitening

With Zoom! Whitening, this safe and effective system can provide instant results in a little over an hour. This procedure uses a special light to stimulate the Zoom! Whitening Gel, safely dissolving stains on your teeth. If you prefer at-home whitening options, we have longer-term solutions available as well. Bleaching trays, whitening strips, paint-on whiteners, and whitening toothpaste are cost-effective options for many patients.

Introducing Venus White Pro

Our professionals at AG Dental Studio in Montrose are excited to announce that we offer Venus White Pro, one of the market’s top high-performance teeth whitening systems. Rather than using sticky strips or overpowered bleach that irritates your teeth and gums, Venus White Pro is customizable with our help. After discussing your options and desires, we will create bleaching trays formed just for you and provide you with bleaching gel tailored to a strength you are comfortable with. You can choose to use Venus White Pro while at home, day or night, so removing the discoloration from your teeth never gets in the way of your busy schedule.

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